PCLReader Freeware

Beginning February 7, 2016, we are retiring PCLReader and PageTech will no longer provide or support freeware applications.

The replacement product for PCLReader is PCLWorks Unlimited Program which is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

PCLWorks: Product Page

PCLWorks: Live Evaluation

In addition, PageTech will only be selling the unlimited page volume versions of PCLWorks.

PCLProgram Old Price New Price
PCLWorks Program 32-bit $61 Discontinued
PCLWorks Program 64-bit $71 Discontinued
PCLWorks Program Unlimited 32-bit $107 $61 - (57% Reduction)
PCLWorks Program Unlimited64-bit $131 $71 - (54% Reduction)

For customers needing assistance migrating to PCLWorks Program or ordering more than 5+ units please call (+1) 858.794.6884.