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PCLReader - the first FREE commercial quality PCL Viewer / PCL Converter.

PCLReader provides end users the ability to view, extract/normalize and print HP® PCL print files. PCLReader also provides the ability to convert PCL files into PDF, PDF/A, TIF, BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, PWG, PCLm, XPS and ASCII Text.

PCL Reader Features and Benefits

PCL Reader was developed for users with legacy applications that can only generate PCL output and generic Windows application users with modest needs to print to PDF, TIFF or other file formats.

  • View PCL, then print it to any Windows printer driver. This allows users to print PCL on any non_PCL printer, like inkjet, GDI or even PCL XL-only printers.

  • Convert PCL into PDF format. Once in PDF format, you can send as email attachments, post on web sites or add to a document archive for later retrieval. PCL Reader also eliminates the need to purchase a PDF driver, which don't work on PCL file anyway.

  • Convert PCL forms into PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, XPS, PNG and other file formats. PCL Reader can convert PCL forms into other formats to migrate them as overlays into custom applications.

  • Extract all the ASCII Text from a PCL file. PCL Reader can extract all the text objects found in a PCL file into PageTech's proprietary .TNX format. Then, with TNXDumpG.exe (included) you can format the extracted text into any of 9 different text reporting formats for data migration.

  • Optimize PCL in various ways. PCL Reader can edit PCL printstreams for optimal viewing and faster printing.

  • Eliminate cost and need to "stamp" PCL. With PCL Reader, there is no need to "stamp" PCL with expensive, proprietary tools just so they can be viewed or converted by yourself or others.

  • Save trees. With PCL Reader, you can preview print files to make sure they look right before you print them. And, you can re-print only selected pages - instead of the whole file.

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